Thursday, June 12, 2003

From Best of the Web comes this link about a recent poll showing that Hispanics overwhelmingly support the nomination of Miquel Estrada and want the Democrats to drop their filibuster. This is a real chance for Republicans to reach out to the vast majority of the people in the Western Hemisphere, but there are too many "conservatives" who freak out over illegal immigrants. What Bush should point out is that the only reason immigration is a problem is that we have created so many welfare state programs and our courts have ruled that ilegal immigrants can't be denied access to many of them.

As a conservative, I believe in maintaining the founding principles of this nation, which do not include socialistic entitlements. I do believe in the sentiments of Emma Lazarus' poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty. I don't really mind educating the kids of illegal immigrants, if our schools could get their act together and start educating the kids of legal immigrants and citizens as well. I'd be willing to put all of our foreign aid into building schools around the world, so why not teach the kids of people who may return to their home countries and spread some enlightenment? A basic education in literacy, arithmetic and what we called Civics in my childhood would be in our own interests, provided we could get anyone in the educational establishment to teach anything positive about the United States.


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