Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Calm down and go soak your head.

Iraq is not the scene of battle it is constantly being portraryed to be in our media. It's a big country, with a lot of people, and one or two incidents, bombing or attacks a week is not even like the riots this country saw during the 1960s. We seem to think of it as being the way it was when our troops moved in back in 2003. The media don't give us a broad overview of what life is like there for ordinary Iraqis. This should be obvious, but we need to be reminded. That's why Arthur Chrenkoff's columns are important.

The people with their hair on fire need to see to that first, and then remember that it is resolve and continued effort that will accomplish our goals. I have been disturbed by conservatives who seem to think that we're in a quagmire. We should all remember that the fascist resistance in Iraq is nothing like what we dealt with in Vietnam. They don't have the numbers or the weapons. They don't have China and Russia supplying them. The majority of Iraqis understand what we're trying to do, and their faith in us grows as we continue to help them, not if we dither and show indecision. They believe in fate, and it is therefore our job to convince them that we are fated to succeed.


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