Sunday, April 30, 2006

Old Tiger Butt

George Schulz is worried about the discord and lack of resolve in the country.

So am I. Iraq has really been an easy war, as such things go. If we have to disarm Iran, it will require much more of us than watching the news. I wonder if we have the national will to stand up to Ahmadinejad. He may be just a blowhard, but Iran's record of support for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah isn't comforting.

Yet the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle are fretting over things that pale next to the threat Iran now poses. The Republicans in Congress seem to lack all conviction, while the press and Democrats are full of passionate intensity over petty jealousies and willing to do anything but lead through the difficulties we face. I have tried to find the evil, lying, incompetent George Bush that the press villifies constantly, but all I find is a humble, religious man who knows what he wants to do, even if he has a hard time explaining it and defending it. Throughout his presidency, I've seen his sincere belief in Jesus' sermon on the mount, and his efforts to live by it. He has never said or done anything I could see to justify the vicious slurs on his character and intelligence that have been so orchestrated and repeated so often that people have come to believe them rather than the facts.

The innuendo in practically every news item on the broadcast channels and big national dailies has created an atmosphere of undeserved hostility and despair. Gerald Ford and George Schulz have come to the President's defense, but they are from a different era. We seem to be plagued with generals who can't wait to be retired so they can spit acid at Don Rumsfeld, and politicians who couldn't care less about the harm they do to the nation if they can only get or hold on to power.

I believe that future historians will review this decade and marvel at what morons we've become. I can only hope that we have special ops teams in Iran right now, and that we won't see it reported on the front pages of the NYtimes tomorrow.


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