Sunday, April 30, 2006

Remember who inspired Love Story?

No? How about, who invented the internet?

Here's another suspiciously fortuitous crossing of Al Gore's youth with Destiny:
When I was an undergraduate I was privileged to sign up for a course offered by the first person to measure CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. He was a visionary, and he saw that the postwar economic boom powered by coal and oil was beginning to radically change the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere—and he knew atmospheric chemistry, and he knew what it would do to outgoing infrared radiation.
Or is that barnyard smell just left over from Al's farm chores?

I wonder if this science class he took was the one he got a D in or the C+.

Maybe he was there at the creation of the global warming theory, but what is there in his background to qualify him as a climatologist? I don't expect Eleanor Clift to factcheck him, but I'd like somebody to.


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