Sunday, October 29, 2006

Caustic Politics

A quick perusal of Memeorandum reveals a lot hot air and bitchiness, but how much of the complaining and bitterness is based on anything more that an absolutist anti-war ideology and hatred of George Bush? The MSM are dishonest brokers who no longer bother to deny their partisanship. (Wolf Blitzer excepted. He claims CNN isn't biased even as it airs terrorists' propaganda.)

The Congressional Republicans are worse than useless. I'd call for a housecleaning if we had an alternative that wasn't worse. The only reason I'm still engaged is because I think that Bush deserves better. He has flaws, but they're not bad enough to warrant all the bashing and second-guessing, and he has qualities of greatness that are being ignored and demeaned. We mistreat our leaders at our own peril. The habit of criticism doesn't wear off with an election. We are divided in the face of our enemy. Many are acting like they want terrorism to win, pretending 9/11 didn't happen, denying that Saddam was the warmonger and terrorist he is, convincing themselves that they don't owe this country anything, if they don't get to run it.

That kind of stuff doesn't go away. It breeds retaliation and more contention. We now have a bigger problem in this nation than terrorism.


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