Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Liberal Glee

So much for moderation. Joe Gandleman seems to think that the President should only speak to hostile reporters from the MSM. His meeting with a number of top talk show hosts last month was reported in the NYTimes in a front page hit piece, three weeks before the election. Apparently it wasn't news when it happened. And apparently, since these people aren't members of the liberal media, they should be kept out of public life. It is a shame in one sense, that the President has to go around the "news" media to get his side of the issues told.

It's kind of comical the way people whose views are all over the broadcast networks, and cable news, with the exception of Fox News Channel, feel so threatened by a segment of the media they don't control. Even more, the relish with which they compound ignorance with their puerile groupthink. I seem to recall that Clinton used to entertain people who agreed with him in the White House, even letting some of them stay overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom.

This election reminds me of the 1976 campaign when voters were sour on the GOP because of Watergate and Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon after he resigned. That's when Jimmy Carter was elected. Four years later, he'd so loused up his job, and the economy that we had double-digit unemployment AND double-digit prime interest rates.
The Democrats are complaining about deficits now. If they cut them, it won't be by cutting spending. I expect that this will be another case of getting what you wish for, but not quite in the way you expected.


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