Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Democrat Agenda

Paul Mirengoff disputes the argument that Democrats don't have an agenda:
You hear some Republicans saying that Democrats running for Congress aren't really for anything -- they're against the administration, but offer few concrete proposals of their own.. . .

But that doesn't mean the Democrats are bereft of ideas. They actually have lots of them, and simply choose not to share them with the voters at this time. One big idea the Democrats continue to hold is the need for government control of healthcare.
It was Hillarycare that cost them control of Congress in 1994, but apparently they think that the nation is more ready for it now. Or maybe they just don't really care what the nation thinks.

Of course, without 60 votes in the Senate, they'll face a Republican veto and/or a filibuster. Will the venom lessen? Not in my lifetime.


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