Thursday, September 12, 2002

Florida: Deja Vu

What a farce! The Democrats can't get it right in Florida, even when they're running against each other. Of course, they're trying to blame it on the Republican Governor.

Apparently Janet Reno is so convinced that she is indispensable, that she's refusing to acknowledge defeat.
Fortunately, she can't take this directly to SCOTUS.

These are the times that try men's souls

Best of the Web today, September 12, 2002, is especially good. It shows clearly the difference between what America stands for and the fearful appeasers who run the U.N. and too many democracies today. Bush's speech is Churchillian.

A Retelling

Once upon a time there was an evil dictator who gassed his subjects and brought starvation and war upon them. After being beaten in war, he continued to lavish money on building new weapons, nerve gas, weapons of germ warfare. and atomic bombs. But it was done in secret so that no one could be sure what he was doing or where.

One day, the President said "This is an evil man who threatens world peace and supports terrorism. Who will help me rid the world and his poor nation of him?"

"Not I!" said the Saudis and the other Arab states.

"Not I!" said the French, the Belgians and the other Europeans.

"Not I!" said the Russians.

"Not us!" cried the academics.

"Then we'll do it ourselves!" said the President. And he did.