Friday, March 11, 2011

Kevin Drum answers Tyler Cowan's "Common mistakes of left-wing economists?" and adds another:
Tyler Cowen has put together a list of common mistakes made by left wing economists. I'm not an economist, but I'm left wing and I comment on economics, so close enough.
His "answers" include:
I think the peer-reviewed evidence is wrong...

I'm not sure I really get this one...

Perhaps so. On the other hand, "sophisticated" public choice theories are often not nearly as sophisticated as their proponents think...
His response to No. 11 is especially remarkable:
[Cowan on Obamacare:] Failure to indicate where the "bleeding heart" argument actually should stop and at what margins we should (and will) let non-elderly people die, if only stochastically.

[Drum:] Also unfair. This is mostly a marketing issue, not an economic one. In practice, the only way to build support for universal healthcare (or any other policy) is to talk up its good points, not its drawbacks. Insisting on some Diogenic level of honesty from liberals is really just a way of ensuring that liberals will never win public support for anything. [Italics added]
Doesn't that sound sort of Leninist, or at least paternalistic? I guess "marketing" is also why the bill was developed in backrooms with all sorts of unethical, if not illegal, bargains, without any debate or opportunity to read it before voting on it.

Sorry, if we start justifying lying as a "marketing issue," a democratic model ceases to function because you deny the public the information they need to make rational choices.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Professor Jacobson discusses the many death threats and hopes for Scott Walker and Republican legislators' death. This is why I'm not a strict libertarian. Nobody should have the right to make others fear for their personal safety. It's exactly the sort of political discourse the Democrats have falsely accused Republicans and the tea party protesters of practicing. These protests are as childish as a three year old throwing a tantrum, and illustrate the true thuggishness of the left.

Althouse shows us the high level debate has reached in Madison. Best comment: "Look! A shovel ready project."

Read them all.

Read this and tell me how committed Democrats and unions are to democracy. Their goal seems to be to nullify the last election. Polls showing Americans want people to have the right join unions are correct in the theoretical sense, but they don't support overreaching by unions, especially public employee unions. I think Wisconsin and the GM bailouts will hurt unions in the long run.

A death threat made to the Wisconsin Republican state senators. As Eric Cartman might say, CIVILITAY!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Suddenly Kathy Griffin, the D-list comedienne and 50 year old bully is a victim? The only thing wrong with Palin's remark is that she called Griffin a "has been." Actually, she never was.

Does the tea party know this?

Karl Rove points out that cutting spending alone won't bring a quick recovery:
It is surely essential that Republicans justify spending cuts on fiscal and moral grounds. It is also essential to make the case for restoring robust growth and job creation.

The political genius of Ronald Reagan is that in 1980 he added a pro-growth emphasis (supply-side economics) to his economic message. In 1976, when Mr. Reagan unsuccessfully challenged President Ford, he concentrated more on austerity.

Americans today want to know what steps Republicans will take to create more jobs, bigger paychecks and greater prosperity. A good starting point for the GOP would be to outline a comprehensive tax reform that scrapes preferences out of the tax code and makes it simpler, flatter and fairer.
I think the technical details will put people to sleep, but the key is restoring a sense that businesses and investors can rely on a tax and regulatory climate that will justify the risks involved in hiring more people.

If the Right can keep from dissipating its current surge in feuds over the issues where it has no consensus and focus on the main economic goals, we could get back on track. A moral reawakening is still necessary and I don't see that on the horizon, because, when it comes down to it, economic recovery only delays the inevitable.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

You'll be shocked to learn . . .

that The Alliance For Justice isn't really about justice.

It's about intimidating conservative members of the Supreme Court with charges of ethical violations when the Obamacare case reaches it.