Friday, October 18, 2002

David Gelernter has some thoughts on snipers, Israel and the wisdom of the Second Amendment.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

The hard thing about blogging, at least for me, is that one has to read a lot of nonsense and link to it and repeat what one has already said and written ad nauseum. People like Maureen Dowd and Robert Fisk are dreary reading, and one wonders constantly whether it's worth the trouble to read and comment on their blather. I'm not too good when I'm bored. I don't know how Glenn Reynolds does it.

I suppose that, being an academic, he really enjoys all the give and take of discussion, but, for me, outrage fatigue has set in. In the end, blogging is just a way to vent frustration at the way so many "intellectuals" seem to have all the reasoning ability of a subnormal lemming.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

A compelling case for returning Democrats to the White House. Only they can stop this kind of political harrassment.

Kmart is flailing. I stopped there on Saturday to get a fishing license. There was no clerk at the Sporting Goods counter, so I used the phone to page someone. After ten minutes someone showed up who knew how to sell me one. The gloom is palpable.

Something tells me that making their logo manure green and gray is not going to help.

This is the difference between the U. S. and Australia. We have George Bush. They have Al Gore.

And Bali has an Al Gore clone heading its chamber of commerce.
"We're finished," said Aburizal Bakrie, chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as tourists crowded Bali's airport departure lounge. Telling people "that doing business in Indonesia is safe is finished."[sic]

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

The Bali atrocity seems to have intended to send a message that no other industrialized, modern nation will be spared by al Qaeda, no matter how critical they have been of George Bush and his resolve. What will it take for the politically correct to figure out that these people don't hate us for anything we've done to them, but because our very existence, prosperity and power stands as a refutation of the fundamental assertions of their religion? If they don't attack and destroy us, they have to confront the horrible truth that: (a) God doesn't really favor them over all the "infidels"; (b) God is on our side, not theirs; (c) Allah isn't really all that powerful, after all; or, worst of all, (d) God isn't there. One thing is clear: the whole Muslim worldview doesn't match reality. If it did, God would have destroyed the decadent West. He wouldn't need help from the likes of this dweeb.

This is why I don't watch CNN any more. Best of the Web today has a roundup of all the media who're treating Saddam's "referendum" as if it were a real election. How can anybody take these people seriously as reporters when their reports could just as easily come from here.