Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jonah Goldberg: First, Kill All the Burmese Pythons. Hell, yeah!

John Podhoretz on why Mitt had to get tough. I've been hearing a lot of griping today about how rancorous the campaign in Florida has gotten. That's like complaining that Presidential campaigns aren't more bipartisan.

The Empathy Gap
Obama tops Romney and Gingrich on ‘understanding’ average Americans
Are you better off because Obama talks about how understanding he is or would you rather have a President who gets the government out of the way of prosperity?

Newt Accuses Mitt or being anti-religious because as governor, he vetoed a spending bill which included funding for kosher meals for nursing home residents. Talk about a reach. No wonder he's slipping. If I were Mitt I'd start running ads mocking his desperation. You don't have to criticize him so much as just ridicule him. No need to throw mud, when he's supplying fodder for ridicule.