Friday, July 21, 2006

Do Arabs/Muslims have an inferiority complex?

The persistence of Hezbollah, Hamas and the rest, as well as a number of calls to talk shows I've heard recently, have made me wonder why these people are so threatened by Israel and the United States. They have shown over the past 1000 years that their culture cannot compete with the dynamic societies of the West, but they seem to feel that there is some prohibition against their adopting similar principles of freedom, invention, trade, industry and manufacture that have left them behind, and that the only option open to them is to destroy all such societies. I think they will be forced to learn the lesson it took the Turks so long to figure out, after so many defeats.

They too thought that just obtaining western weaponry and imitating our military methods would bring back their former dominance, but they've missed something. All Islam has missed something.

What happens if these groups succeed in overthrowing the rest of the world as they aspire to? Do any of them know how to build an automobile? I suppose they assume there will always be Toyota and that the new Dhimmi around the world will be as content with their lot as the terrorists themselves have been in their wretched societies. The problem with world conquest is that you have to build something, not just blow everything up. The world is awash in weapons. When you are the ones with something to defend, governing becomes far different. Just ask Fatah and the PLA.

They will destroy civilization just to satisfy their rage and shame, but they have nothing to replace it with except more fighting, killing and destruction among themselves just to make the rubble bounce. When there's nothing left to steal, there'll probably still be explosives and Kalashnikovs.

That's why we have to stop them. We can't treat them as nuisances. Israel did that when it left Lebanon. Now Hezbollah has rockets reaching Haifa, but without any accuracy.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sometimes Diplomacy is just [scatological vulgarity]!

The New York Times (via Best of the Web:
As sectarian violence soars, many Sunni Arab political and religious leaders once staunchly opposed to the American presence here are now saying they need American troops to protect them from the rampages of Shiite militias and Shiite-run government forces.

The pleas from the Sunni Arab leaders have been growing in intensity since an eruption of sectarian bloodletting in February, but they have reached a new pitch in recent days as Shiite militiamen have brazenly shot dead groups of Sunni civilians in broad daylight in Baghdad and other mixed areas of central Iraq.

The Sunnis also view the Americans as a "bulwark against Iranian actions here," a senior American diplomat said.
So I guess the Democrats and the Times would have us abandon the Sunnis to the tender mercies of the Shiite Militias. Or are we merely preventing a civil war?

I think things are going nicely. Hezbollah and Hamas, probably at Iran's urging, instigated war against Israel, and Israel is not one, like the U.S. and Europe to go into a funk and study what it could have done to hurt someone so badly that they'd want to fire rockets at it. It strikes back, because when you're fighting for your own survival, you really don't care much about [scatological vulgarity] like that.
The terrorists have been encouraged by the unwillingness of the West to respond in kind to their escalating terror bombings and killings. The time is far past to try make sense of hatred. After a point, it just is, and the only way to dissuade those in its thrall is to make it too risky to act on it.

This Muslim militancy from the 15th century has revived itself, for whatever reason, and the way to tamp it down is the same way it was done in the past. They have to lose, so often and with such humiliation, that they decide this must be the will of Allah. You can't treat them like equals. You have to dominate them, or they begin to thing in terms of reconquering Andalusia and the Balkans. Only when they realize that the Caliphate isn't going to arise again anytime soon, will they turn back into normal people.

The same applies to the Democrats who are presently infected with jihad fever of the 1968 - 1972 variety. They don't remember how they nearly destroyed their party back then. They only see it as a victory, because we bailed out of Vietnam, never counting the millions of lives we destroyed by doing so. They, like these Caliphate or Mahdi fanatics in the Middle East, forget that they didn't really accomplish much and fail to see that they can't win now, because they don't understand and don't deign to dirty their hands with coalition politics. They are destined to continue to lose, because they keep coughing up hairballs like Michael Moore, Al Franken, George Soros and John Kerry, but they could destroy the party in the mean time. Something tells me though that it won't be another era of good feeling.