Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Peter Wehner: "The Week Obama Jumped the Shark" Ouch!

Romney sweeps primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C. From the A.P.:
Santorum, though, pledged to press on Tuesday night and outlined a path -- however narrow -- to victory in the nomination battle. He hammered the point that only half the total delegates available in the GOP contest have been awarded, and predicted the April 24 primary in his home state of Pennsylvania could turn the tide.. . . Santorum, who also campaigned in Wisconsin on Monday, said Romney has essentially bought his success by spending more than the competition. Romney and his allies have spent $53 million on TV advertising so far this election cycle compared to $27 million from his three Republican competitors combined, according to data compiled by the media tracking firm SMG Delta.
Santorum's "principles" seem to be limited to having things his own way, and whining that someone else has more money than himself. Does he really think that argument will work against Obama? I respect his religious and moral values, but I don't think the gospel can be spread by haranguing an insulting people. God is not a tyrant, but we need to understand that heaven has its own standards. Update: It was only kept close by Democrats voting for Santorum. Do we really want Democrats to pick our nominee? Update: Why This Puts an End to the GOP Primary

Monday, April 02, 2012

Michael Barone:
A lot of politicians are worrying about the Constitution these days. Liberal commentators were shocked this past week when in three days of oral argument in the lawsuits challenging Obamacare, five Supreme Court justices -- a majority -- asked questions strongly suggesting they think the legislation is unconstitutional.