Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This administration is awash in crony capitalism LightSquared is the latest in a tawdry series.

Detroit citizens increasingly defending themselves rather than hoping the cops will do so.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

25 Photos of Mitt Romney Looking Normal More please! Remember, he can't help it that he's tall, handsome and rich.

This has been getting on my nerves a lot. Conservatives are so antsy for a confrontation with liberals, they're going to drive away many of the moderates they'll need to sweep Obama out of office. They fuss over who's the "Real" Conservative, failing to realize that anybody who is so extremely conservative as to drive away independents is likely to lose the election. And anybody who goes so negative to win as Newt did after Iowa demonstrates his own lack of conservative principles and puts his opponents in the position of having to respond in kind, because merely refuting attacks puts one in the position of playing catchup. The only way to respond is in kind and with heavy artillery. Michael Barone:
Many Republican House members and the bloggers and Tea Partiers who cheered their victory in gaining a majority in November 2010 seem to be seething with discontent and eager for confrontation. They believe, reasonably, that that victory represented a repudiation of the vast expansion of government by the Obama Democrats. They want to see those policies reversed, and pronto. And if the dilatory Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the all-campaign-no-governance President Obama want a confrontation, so much the better. Such impatience is unbecoming in those who call themselves "constitutional conservatives." It is James Madison's Constitution that prevents the winners of one election from directing the course of public policy as unilaterally as, to take one example, the British Labor Party marched Britain into a socialist welfare state on the basis of one election victory in 1945.
AMEN! Please take notice, all Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Libertarians and Republican Establishment types!

The Not-So-Vast Conspiracy: More disinformation from the global warming alarmists.