Friday, February 01, 2002

Osama's unreleased interview broadcast by CNN. It was filmed by Al Jazeera, but never aired because the party line in the Arab world at that time was "Where's the proof that 9/11 was caused by Muslim terrorists?" I wouldn't do to furnish it on Al Jazeera.

North Korea calls Bush a moral leper

And they know all about being pariahs.

New York City General Calendar: Week of Jan 27th, 2002 is a fascinating clearinghouse for activists to post their planned protests. It's like the Hippie era all over again, man.

What I find fascinating is the presumption that everyone who reads it agrees with the view of reality held by these protesters. It's like visiting a mental hospital for paranoid schizophrenics on quaaludes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I just found this site for the Global Ideas Bank - requesting "socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects." Apparently the idea is to come up with simple ideas to help out the Third World.
How nice. That's not patronizing, is it?

I have one for them: teach the people to arm themselves, kill their dictators and establish democracies, guaranteeing equal rights, free speech and press, and prohibiting any religion from controlling the government or vice versa, and resist all efforts by the U.N. to bring in its brand of civilization.

Invite Mormon missionaries, medical aid (other than contraceptives) and peace corps volunteers into your nation.
Never trust anybody who makes his living collecting donations to help you.

Instead of weapons, ask for foreign aid in the form of schools and teachers, books, water treatment, irrigation systems, etc.

Prohibit all Europeans, except as tourists, and American economists, social workers, anthropologists, psychologists, journalists, lawyers, political scientists. Accept engineers, agronomists, geologists, and others with useful practical skills.

Don't pay anybody who won't work or create wealth in some other way.

Pursue high literacy rates, sanitation, public health and honest leaders. Work like hell. Put something aside. Raise good kids.

Once a week, read the Sermon on the Mount or If, by Rudyard Kipling.