Thursday, July 13, 2006

The T word to join the N word.

Patt Morrisson is worried that calling people terrorists will be the new source of "hurtful" speech. CAIR should be all over that.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

HUGH HEWITT interviewed Mitt Romney this afternoon about the latest failing of the Turnpike Authority when the ceiling in a section of the Big Dig dropped on a motorist and killed her. Fortunately, the governor of Massachusetts is experienced with cleaning up organizations riddled with scandal. I hope he gains more national prominence and the Democrats who devised this nightmare get it hung around their necks.

He also had a word about the shenanigans in MA over gay marriage, as liberals try to play games with the issue against the will of the people.

Hugh Hewitt is what all radio talk shows should be. I wonder if Fox News would consider giving him a show. It could really improve their programming.


Maybe it's the fact that I've been laid low twice in the past two weeks by some unknown ailment that has left me weak, feverish, sore and arthritic, but a survey of what passes for news seems quite bleak to me.

I watched a documentary last night about the Canadian general, Romeo Dellaire, who was in charge of the U.N. Peacekeeping forces in Rwanda when the genocide started and refused to evacuate. Anyone who watches it or reads his book, Shake Hands With The Devil, should agree with his characterization of the weasels at the U.N. who refused to give him support in doing his job as "bastards." Bill Clinton comes in for his share of blame for dithering forever before doing anything in Rwanda and after most of the damage was done in Bosnia, yet never breathed a word of criticism for the U.N. This is the model for Democrat foreign policy: enter into the hall of mirrors known as high-level talks until the genocide is complete then come and lay a wreath. The Bush administration hasn't done much better in Darfur, but at least it has the explanation that it has its hands full elsewhere. In a rational world, we'd boot the U.N. off our soil, withdraw from it (or at least drop our funding to near zero) and put our money into an alliance for protecting victims from genocide.

I can't understand why the New York Times is still publishing and its editors aren't out on bail, and why universities across the land aren't announcing plans to announcing plans to close their journalism departments, for undermining respect for law and constitutional government. We have adopted the belief that news reporters are above the law, and that the right of privacy trumps national security. We don't deserve to be protected with courts, Senators and news media like this.

Meanwhile, the populace don't seem to know what's going on. All they want is jokes about how dumb Bush is and how lame the war in Iraq is, and to know who the latest find in the TV star search shows is. I'm ashamed that there aren't riots in the streets burning copies of the New York and L.A. Times and other papers attacking the president for nothing more than partisan political reasons. They have abandoned all pretense of objectivity or fairness. Of course, expecting loyalty to the nation from them hasn't been an issue for 30 years.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Spun by Entertainment

So I'm watching a rerun of Law and Order: Special Victims' Unit and it's about a sex offender who picks up three kids in New Orleans after Katrina and heads to New York in a van which just happens to have a lab researcher who's stolen a stash of weaponized anthrax from a military lab in New Orleans.

The cops put out a cover story to solicit help but a reporter spots that it's not the real story, and keeps showing up at inopportune times. They manage to keep him quiet, but the whole story goes in a different direction when the kidnapper and one of the girls acquires anthrax and the big dark feds move in and take all the evidence and the girls and put a blanket over any statements to the press. But one of New York's finest leaks the story to the reporter and the episode ends with him in prison because he won't reveal his sources.

What's the connection between Dick Wolf and the New York Times? Now, imagine that the cops who are the heroes were working with the feds to track down the dust and don't want to see the city go into a panic. Before they can get a clear enough picture of what to warn the public about some jerk leaks it to the press and from then on everything they do involves stepping over reporters and photographers. Because of the delays and confusion, leads are lost and the anthrax is never fully accounted for. But the public knows that the cops AND DHS are incompetent and that there's a bunch of anthrax missing loose in NYC.

Pulitzer, or no pulitzer?

Mumbai Bombings

I keep wondering how long it will be before the rest of the world gets fed up and just begins throwing out all Muslims or putting them in concentration camps. Today's bombings of commuter trains in Mumbai (Bombay), brings that day closer.

I don't wish for this or welcome it, because the vast majority of Muslims are good pious people. The problem is that they have no mechanism within their religion to excommunicate anyone or to officially identify someone as a heretic. There are holy men like the Shiite Ayatollahs, but they have no universal authority. There is no central authority, and we are watching a major religion in the throes of being taken over by one of its most radical, intolerant and violent sects because of the immense wealth that has fallen into the hands of the Saudis.

They probably see this as a sign from God, but I don't recall many, if any, examples where vast wealth came from God. Generally, he helps people survive and meet their own needs. The god of this world who gives wealth and political power is Satan. He is the prince of this world, and offers all its wealth. This is why religions so often teach the simple life, humility, charity, and avoiding the love of wealth, not plotting to overthrow governments and seize power.