Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Wall St. Journal defends John Boehner from all the sniping of the chest beating critics on the right. They haven't taken the Senate or the White House yet, so as Glenn Reynolds is fond of saying, don't get cocky, kid.

The overspending by the government is only part of the problem. The other is over regulation of just about everything in our lives and the strangling of our economy by refusing to consume our own resources in favor of enriching nations who support terrorist and oppressive regimes with oil revenues. That will take more than a single election.

Whatever shall we do?

Lawyer shortage looms as law school applications decline.

Public employees unions (including police union) threatens businesses with boycott unless they post signs supporting the unions. Doesn't freedom of speech also protect the right to be neutral? I know, let's ask Judge Sumi!

California Air Resources Board (CARB) issues expensive and job-killing regulations based on "study" by a researcher, Hien T. Tran, with a PhD degree from a diploma mill. UCLA professor showed that the "study" was false and that diesel emissions do not harm people as CARB maintains.

Result, fake PhD keeps job, but gets demoted. UCLA Professor James Enstrom is being fired after 34 years on the faculty, for violating political correctness and making CARB look bad.

Thornhill University is the name on Mr. Tran's diploma, but the "university" is not legally authorized to issue degrees.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does Richard Cohen think that Gadaffi is trying to kill Jews in Libya? I think they were driven out a long time ago.

He's comparing the effort to crush opposition to Gaddafi to the Holocaust, but I don't really think the two are comparable. Is there anybody left in that country now who could run a government based on freedom and human rights? I doubt it, but we've come out on the side of the rebels as if they were freedom fighters, when they may be just trying replace one tyranny with another. I wish we had established that in advance.