Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mark Steyn:
America is the brokest country in history. We owe more money than anyone has ever owed anyone. And Obama and Reid say relax, that’s no reason not to spend more — because the world hasn’t yet concluded we have no intention of paying it back.
Indeed. The fact that there are any Democrats left in Congress after last November is a sign that too many Americans are oblivious to the basic facts of our current financial situation.

Boy, the civility just keeps coming in Madison!

Why We Can't Count On The U.N.

E.J. Dyer:
[T]he perspective fostered in the modern Western mind is that of the pre-adolescent. The world’s happenings are an incoherent mishmash of impressions and inexplicable eruptions, about which the most important things are who is at fault, who might be considered at fault, and how everyone feels about us as it all unfolds. The leaders of the Western world have never seemed so much like a classroom of 4th-graders, making garbled arguments to each other after 15 minutes spent perusing their Weekly Readers.

The U.N. is a flawed and corrupt institution, designed to hamstring any positive leadership and shield bad actors from accountability.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to win friends and influence people. Union style. Isn't making terroristic threats a crime in Wisconsin?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have elected morons.

From a report in the Daily Caller:
“Some veteran Republican House members are pushing back against conservative deficit hawks who are pushing for endlessly deep spending cuts, saying the right wing of the party is creating unnecessary divisions for the GOP majority…

“When Pence announced he would vote against the bill, McCarthy asked why he would vote for H.R. 1 but not the three-week measure under consideration. Pence said the nation is adding $2 billion in debt each day. But McCarthy pressed on . . ."
Anybody who can't, or refuses to, understand that 21 times $2 billion exceeds $6 billion is too dumb to be a dog catcher, let alone a congressman. Of course, that includes pert near all Democrats, but also a lot of incumbent Republicans who have sold out to the earmark culture and been tolerated long enough to become committee chairs. I refuse to call them men.

A lot of commentary today about Obama's failures of leadership. This is hardly news. Obama demonstrates the trait of the Arab Mind of allowing rhetorical boasts to serve as actual accomplishments. He's been that way his entire presidency. This is hardly new, but I suppose we need to keep bringing it up if we're ever going to be rid of him.

Update: Andrew Malcolm, the most under quoted commenter out there, notes that Obama doesn't even seem to care about appearing to be a world leader anymore.

It's about time

Megyn Kelly interviewed Ann Althouse about her video from Monday showing children being taught to chant and demonstrate in the Capitol Rotunda. Althouse's blog posts, videos and photos have been the best reporting on these protests one could ask for.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Got John Campbell?

He's Congressman from Southern California who is also a CPA and former business man. He has a weekly email report that is well worth signing up for.

A lucid explanation of what happened at the Fukushima power plant and why we are being disserved by all the hair-on-fire reports that always follow anything involving a nuclear power plant incident.

Watch it.

Apocalypse Watch

John Bussey just reported on Fox that Japan is undergoing a coastal change, due to the tsunami from early this morning. At least four trains are unaccounted for. At least one has been confirmed as swept off the tracks. Areas around nuclear power plants are being evacuated.

Maybe it's because I've been reading a book about understanding the Book of Revelation, but I've always been taught that we're living in the times leading up to the Second Coming. This earthquake in Japan was 8.9, the largest in Japan's recorded history. The one in Indonesia several years ago was actually larger and killed more people because the areas where it hit were poor with villages along the coast.

This is on the heels of revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and today, Saudi Arabia, which will doubtlessly be ruthlessly crushed. Meanwhile, we have been letting our own resources sit there without developing them.